The Life of
Erik Bertrand Ebright

A silly guy who likes to paint and make aarrrrt.

A Cool Cat Collaborator

Interested in making art together?

Born in Ohio

The Midwest is the Best. Arawak City native,
Erik sends love to all the Ohio Players.

Educated in Brooklyn

  • Graduated in 2008 with Honors from Pratt Institute
  • BFA In Digital Arts and Interactive Media
  • Former Student Webmaster at
Artisan Technology Group – Electrical Test and Measurement Equipment, Industrial Process Control, and Analytical Instrumentation for Commercial, Industrial, and Military Applications Artisan Technology Group 101 E. Mercury Drive Champaign, IL 61822 Tel: (888) 88-SOURCE Fax: (888) 55-SOURCE [email protected]

Made in Miami:
Casa Del Bodhi

  • Created Casa Del Bodhisattva in 2014, giving a home to 100+ guests and residents
  • A Little Haiti Arts + Cultural Institution with a free community recording studio
  • A decade of intentional living from 2014 to 2024

“Érik Ebright has
more swag
than Bill Clinton.”


Hip Hop Artist

Be Easy, Easy Bee…